Career Management

Being unfulfilled and frustrated in your current job/role or forced into unemployment for reasons outside of your control can be scary. Each situation can cause high levels of stress, anxiety, confusion and tension. There’s so much on your mind that your brain is on overload. I know this because I’ve been there—in both situations.

Over the course of my 25-year tenure with a Fortune 500 company, there were multiple times when I felt like my role was not a good fit or my skills were underused. I felt frustrated, useless, and like I wasn’t contributing at my desired level. Those were dark times, and I was unhappy, but, I was slow to seek outside career opportunities. It was an intimidating thought.

Question swirled in my head:

  • Would I be able to find another job?
  • Are my skills strong enough?
  • Would I be able to replace my income?
  • Am I brave enough to try something new?
  • Should I look for a similar job, or something different?
  • If I choose something different, what would it be?
  • Am I too old to get hired?

In a later job, I was grossly underemployed, and my skills were underused. The bottom had fallen out of the economy and jobs were scarce. To make matters worse, I was quickly approaching the age where it is generally considered difficult to get hired. So, I decided to stay and tough it out. Shortly thereafter, I was let go. I had no control over that situation. Now what? Here we go again. The same questions and concerns flooded my mind.

So, you see, I’ve been there. I know how it feels. I understand the concerns a mid-career professional has in a situation like this. I’ve also come through it and landed on my feet. I want to use my experience and my training to help you make your transition more easily.

Mid-career professionals in career transition hire me to:

  • Clarify career direction
  • Understand the job search process, and
  • Search with confidence

Because they’re:

  • Frustrated or unfulfilled in their current role
  • Fearful of making a change—taking the risk
  • Unfamiliar with the job search process, or just
  • Looking for a new opportunity

So I help them:

  • Clarify what they want
  • Identify and overcome what’s holding them back, and
  • Outline their path forward
  • It’s not too late to take charge of your career and move it in a more desirable direction.